It is particularly important that managers have the right kind of ambition because anything else will be exceptionally demotivating for their employees.

This same trend holds for the growing number of fields where technology makes productive remote work possibleconsulting marketing writing design and so on.

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LAST MOVER ADVANTAGE ESCAPING COMPETITION will give you a monopoly but even a monopoly is only a great business if it can endure in the future.

Even the Great Depression failed to impede relentless progress in the United States which has always been home to the worlds most farseeing definite optimists.

How obnoxious I told Claude to hand me the phone.

Now comes the important decision Keep using this tool only if you concluded that it has substantial positive impacts and that these outweigh the negative impacts.

So what is leadership and how do we think about it in the context of the CEO job Are great leaders born or made Most people define leadership in the same way that Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart famously defined pornography when he said I know it when I see it.

But as we shift to an information economy more and more of our population are knowledge workers and deep work is becoming a key currencyeven if most havent yet recognized this reality.

Andy describes an incident with one of his employees One of them attacked me aggressively asking Does it mean that you can conceive of Intel without being in the memory business I swallowed hard and said Yes I guess I can.

The craftsmen they cite dont have rarified jobs.

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Felicia What do you mean What happenedBen Yahoo fired Koogle.

From the Founding Fathers in politics to the Royal Society in science to Fairchild Semiconductors traitorous eight in business small groups of people bound together by a sense of mission have changed the world for the better.

But just as you can never expect people to buy a superior product merely on its obvious merits without any distribution strategy you should never assume that people will admire your company without a public relations strategy.

VC Andy Kessler sounds almost gleeful when he explains that the best way to create productivity is to get rid of people.

After thirty days of this self-imposed network isolation ask yourself the following two questions about each of the services you temporarily quit.

It might even be secret.

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As a result the calculus or whether Opsware was going to be number one in the market needed to be redefined as follows.

Kaczynski argued that modern people are depressed because all the worlds hard problems have already been solved.

The story is not the mission statement the story does not have to be succinct.

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If every time anyone brings up an issue with the marketing organization the VP of marketing jumps down their throats then guess what topic will never come up This behavior can become so bad that nobody brings up any topic when the jerk is in the room.

The short-term benefits are clear you keep both employees you dont have to develop either because they will theoretically help each other develop and you instantly close the skill set gap.

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First you should demand cultural compliance.

Jungs approach is what I call the bimodal philosophy of deep work.

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On the other hand talking to your board and outside advisers can be fruitless.

Mosaic became Netscape which released its Navigator browser in late.

This Internet-centrism to steal another Morozov term is what technopoly looks like today.


However sometimes youll have a player thats so good that you hold the bus for him but only him.
She wears costumes so bizarre as to put any other wearer at risk of an involuntary psychiatric hold.