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Our Commitment

At Universal Lubricants, LLC, our commitment to the environment goes beyond being one of the nation’s leaders in re-refined motor oil. We examine functions throughout our business to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

We reduce the amount of toxins going back into the environment. Our re-refining process produces a high-quality, Group II+ base lube stock for direct sale or blending into our Eco Ultra® line of products.

Other attributes and products produced by the re-refining process include:

  • Flux extender — a by product used to enhance asphalt products
  • Fuel products — for internal and/or third-party use
  • Treated water — our state-of-the-art in-house waste water treatment facility is made available to the city of Wichita
  • Finished products meet requirements for Group II+ base lube stock
  • Re-refined oils that meet the American Petroleum Institute standards
  • API standards also meet warranty requirements for new automobiles
  • Major automobile manufacturers openly accept the use of API-approved lubricating oils made with re-refined base stock: Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes

Of all the material extracted through the re-refining process, Universal is pleased to report that only 1/10 of 1% is unable to be re-purposed. This small amount is disposed of in strict accordance with hazardous material guidelines.

“Re-refining motor oil reduces the environmental footprint, with less energy consumption. We are also the only refinery with a true closed-loop process, in which waste from one industry gets used by another industry.”

  – Joseph Franceschi, Universal Lubricants, LLC Engineer

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